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Jane Eddy

“The only way I believe we can manifest meaning in our lives is to practice self love, commit to loving others, get involved in the community around you and devote to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.”

A near death experience in 2011 changed my entire perspective on life. It would seemingly leave one elated or grateful and yet I found myself feeling depressed and insignificant.  I suddenly felt very disconnected from my body and slowly receded from the confident person I had identified with my whole life until I was no longer recognisable.

I needed to find my purpose. My will. My Heart.

Ive been a massage therapist since “98” and I found falling back on my craft that I had left since my son was born helped me reconnect with my body when I most needed it.

I started homeschooling and rediscovered how creative I could be.

All of a sudden I had purpose. My life had meaning.

My aim is to facilitate others in their own reconnection to their bodies with Holistic Massage and Awakening their creative souls with art workshops.

Lead your life with your heart and you will find purpose.

Merry Meet.

Daniel Eddy

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