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Essential Oils

Angelica Root Uses

Oil of the Week: Angelica Root

Angelica Root This Ancient Historical Oil believed to be referred to as the "Holy Ghost" was and still is one of the most powerful herbs on the planet. Physical effects of Angelica oil is said to remove the effects of intoxication. It is used to invoke relaxation and useful with grounding yourself. It helps with nervous tension and may have...

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The Magical Herb | Comfrey |Broken Bone Remedy My Mum was a nurse, not just any old of the best! Most of her working life was set in Private Nursing Homes in Perth Western Australia. I remember as a teenager Mum hobbling in from the car after work. The combination of Diabetes and long long days on her feet were unkind. I would grab the peppermint foot cream from the Body Shop, the strange pink one that smelt like toothpaste and I would rub her feet at the end of our "beddie" It was an old day bed that we had...

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Holistics In House Carpet cleaner recipe

The Best DIY Natural Carpet Shampoo Recipe EVER!

If your in a spot where your carpets need a shampoo after the muddy season like mine did then I urge you to use this instead of the awful chemicals they sell to wash your carpets. I usually rent a carpet cleaner from the local supermarket but ALDI had them on special a few weeks ago so I snapped one up! When I went to buy the shampoo I realised they were all full of nasties. I have 3 kids that often roll around on the carpet naked, constantly  face planting and making out with the carpet on a regular...

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