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  • High Performance
  • Residue Free
  • Chlorine Free


This state of the art, high performance Abode dishwashing powder was designed to leave your dishes, cutlery and glassware sparkling clean and is suitable for both domestic and commercial automatic machines.

With up to 50 loads per kilo, it rivals mainstream products for affordability.

This powder is made only from natural ingredients, some of them food grade. Phosphates and zeolites found in commercial products are replaced with an ingredient derived from sand that not only works better, but it dissolves faster and it not hazardous to the environment.

Its unique formula acts as a descaler and prevents glassware from hazing. No chlorine, grey water safe.

Ingredients: Sodium Citrate, Sodium Disilicate, Sodium Metasilicate, Baking Soda, Sodium Percarbonate, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Enzymes, Sodium Gluconate




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